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Verbatim record of received information about the Water of Light




Verbatim record of received information about the Water of Light


After application of this Water, harmonisation of all the ethereal bodies of aura comes and it reaches physical, psychical and spiritual plane.

On the physical plane, there is the strongest working on the cell membrane and it gets into DNA so there is the possibility of influencing dispositional diseases as well as the old karmic matters. This means it works on all the physical diseases so that the Water suddenly radiates up the sick painful area by the power of Light and the organ starts to function on the completely different energetic level than until the time it was weakened or sick. Recovery of different persons will happen in different time because much will depend on understanding of the spiritual cause of disease. Much working is felt in Sclerosis Multiplex, grand working is in the area of ophthalmology – he who spreads the Water on himself, number of his dioptres may be shifted, though the only one application of this Water will not be enough for modification or correction of the eye disease. Another application may be for collunarium and eyewash as well as all the externally accessible cavities. In the case of otitis media due to reduction of inflammation, paracentesis (perforation of the ear drum) can be avoided and great relief comes thanks to the Water.  The early external application and simultaneously the internal one as well are very important. For the external scavenging, the Water of Light must be diluted according to one´s feelings.   

The psychical structures are so influenced that fears, distresses, anxieties, and anywhere the man is not firm in his belief, where his emotional part is varying – where impulsiveness is easy to come, in the time of deep sorrow when the man needs all of his ethereal bodies to be radiated up – there the Water will bring its blessing.

As regards the spiritual plane, the grand helps are felt because the Water touches the old karmic injuries which are pulled out, i. e. it accelerates man´s understanding of what his errors in the past were; and basically it also brings him knowledge of where his error is, what brought this disease, this problem or the karmic burden in the family to him. If somebody uses this Water either externally or internally, he heals at the same time all the members of his family and his surroundings who he has contact with (e. g. a shop assistant heals her customers…). Influencing is coming in all such places because wherever two men meet, energetic influencing occurs lawfully: closer than a 5-metre-contact always influences another man´s aura for his benefit (this man will be healed unconsciously, later on he can feel various kinds of relief, but it can also go through the purificatory actions that can bring to him the whole scale of experiencing whether this is diarrhoea or short-time fevers. Simply said: whenever the immune system is being mobilised or the purificatory actions occur, it can always brings also the unpleasant reactions which are not negative yet; they are always only a sign for the body´s awakening and its starting with purificatory actions.

Another important knowledge in the psychical-spiritual structure of aura is that in schizophrenia – in by-incarnated beings – not only the aura of the man who uses the Water of Light is influenced but automatically also the ethereal coverings of the by-incarnated spirit are radiated up. Through this radiating up, understanding that this is not correct to mooch on the energy of another man instead of own managing to connect upwards, occurs. If somebody who pleases for leading this spirit away enters this action, everything is made easier and is accelerated and it is possible to reach such a status that this spirit does not have to keep itself in there and consequently schizophrenia may be healed of even during this life.

In the case of someone being ill-wished by someone else, if somebody sends the negative energy, voodoo or damnation towards another man, this is always an outflow of the negative dark energy towards somebody and in the moment when this man as such is not light enough, there the Water makes a kind of protection which does not enable everything to get to him. Perhaps, power of voodoo would be able to get to him because it overcomes a lot of barriers but classic damnation would be able to strengthen aura and to create a shield of Light in the man who is not strengthened enough yet.



It is incredible but this Water works on all the seven chakres. It has an ability to help even in purifying the karmic structures of aura; it pulls out the old karmic injuries to be solved.

It heals up and sanitates aura, it brings the golden light into aura which protects aura from the negative structures.

This water as such is so strong and light that it cannot receive any energy from other people or spaces and it cannot be neutralised! It has a constant changeless radiation.

Another strange thing is that this Water brings in itself unity in contradictory – live and dead water at once.

It supports the overall immunity.

It heals the man at the subtle planes at first and gradually it penetrates the physical one.

It is possible to use it into the clyster (an enema) – it heals the internal inflammation, diverticulosis, haemorrhoids, bleeding, diarrhoea, constipation – because it regulates peristalsis.

It can be used:

-         into inhalations as well as into sprayers

-         when suffering from hair loss

-         when suffering from dandruff

-         for healing baths (mainly in overall weakening: hypo-immunity, after chemotherapy and irradiation)

-         when suffering from diabetes secondary – there is clear improvement

-         when suffering from bedsores (in healthcare institutes for senior citizens): to spread on the Water instead of camphor oil

-         for compresses (psoriasis, eczemas, varicose ulcers)

-         for washing the painful areas, hair

-         for reducing milk allergy (after pouring the Water into milk)

-         in air spraying

-         for watering of plants and vegetables. It improves the taste of the plant watered like this. It eliminates the impact of acid rain. It reduces pesticides (lice occurrence).

Do not abuse the Water by eating inappropriate foodstuff: “And then the Water of Light rescues me!” Everything is only a gift!



-         to lessen fears, distresses, anxieties

-         to lesson impulsiveness and aggression

-         in the periods of sorrow (death…)



It accelerates the man´s knowledge of himself, of his errors and where he erred.

He who uses the Water, also heals everybody who he has contact with (in less than 5 metres).

It helps to release the by-incarnated spirit in schizophrenia.

It reduces damnation, voodoo and the negative thoughts. This Water creates the shield of Light in the man.

It makes leaving of dying people easier – spread the not diluted solution on the forehead, lips (the last Sacrament) – the people leave with peace and are opened upwards what is important for the next incarnation.







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